• Get International Buyers For Your Business.

    How can I find international buyers for my Nigerian Export Business?

    Have you been looking to expand your business globally and you are wondering how to find international buyers for your business?.

    This is the right place to be because we believe that Nigeria is blessed with several natural products ranging from crude oil to agricultural products and mineral resources.

    We at Naija Food Exports can help you get genuine international buyers for your business at ZERO cost. Yes we do not charge you to get you buyers.

    However, we collect only commissions based at a very low percentage. We can also help you with various steps involved in the export.

    We make sure that the business goes smoothly and there is no problem whatsoever.

    Send a mail to us on the product you wish to sell, tell us the quantity you can supply and also your price per unit of the product.

    *The exportable products are not limited to foods but all products that can be exported from Nigeria.

    Our email address is contact@naijafoodexports.com

    Thank you very much.